Octabis Blockchain Solutions For Your Business

We provide everything you need to start your own blockchain lending business.

Integrate Bitcoin lending with Octabis comprehensive solutions

Choose between two integration models

1. API integration

From creating legal frameworks for your blockchain operations to IT customer support, we provide you with all the steps needed to start your crypto-lending service.

  • User support
  • IT
  • User verification
  • Accounting
  • BTC operations
  • Data providers
  • Legal
  • Banking

2. Widget integration

Add the “BTC Loan Calculator” widget to any type of website with our HTML code.

Once your clients hit the “Get a loan button” they will be redirected to a ready-to-go bitcoin lending platform.

Octabis provides a comprehensive system of solutions to help you create a modern blockchain lending platform.

Our partners have full access to our services and their components. Every one of them is fully adjustable to your business needs.

Legal framework

Digital currency is already a big part of modern finance. As policy makers recognize the potential of cryptocurrency, regulations policies are being designed and implemented to regulate the crypto market.


We can assist with creating and overseeing repurchase deal arrangements.

Repo deal management

We can assist with creating and overseeing repurchase deal arrangements.

Margin monitoring

Our real-time margin call monitoring will keep you updated on any changes in the trading market. Octabis will calculate your LTV (Loan-to-value) ratio and send email alerts in case the market value of digital assets drop below margin.

User support

Octabis will provide end user support — solve technical issues, answer questions about crypto lending and provide any other assistance related to the service.


Our team will take care of everything the end-user sees and interacts with on your website.

BTC Operations

We will check real-time market prices, create blockchain wallets and oversee Bitcoin transactions for you.

Compare the two integration models

Widget Api
Security Protocol
Fast implementation
Box product
In-house product
Customer data encapsulation

About us

Octabis is a blockchain based lending platform offering Bitcoin loans to people who want to reap the benefits of their crypto today. Our mission is to help people reap the benefits of cryptocurrency while the markets are still dominated by traditional fiat.

We offer low interest rates 1% per month and flexible payback periods.

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