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Pledge amount 1.00000000
Interest 4542.63 EUR
LTV 60% ?
APR 12,5%
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You keep control of your crypto values and you get to put those values into use. Retain. Invest. Earn. Repeat. Act smart, with smart Octabis solutions in blockchain. Become a crypto investor.
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Octabis services employ the best industry standards to process your cryptocurrency transactions. We constantly research the latest achievements in blockchain technology and optimise our processes to deliver the top notch experience.
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No clumsy solutions, no daunting procedures, no questionable steps to take: Octabis lending product is simple and easy to use. The rules are fair, without hidden tricks.
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With our proven track record of successful projects across payment, IT, legal and management industries, Octabis team represents robust amalgamation of seasoned leaders, best and brightest.